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DNS Verification Fails / Stuck

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Site name: distracted-visvesvaraya-2aa237
Custom domain (working with HTTP but not HTTPS): futurepdx.com
Error message: DNS Verification Failed. www.futurepdx.com doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify

What I’ve tried:
Checking the A record (I am using based on documentation) and it has been 48 hours since doing so
I have pointed the CNAME record and it has been 48 hours since doing so

I was told if we updated the domains name servers, it would break the emails that exist at that site.
I suggested adding an MX record but cannot because the company would like to maintain internal control of these records (does sharing the MX record mean that they won’t?)

Thank you!

Hi @cgreffly

This is what I am seeing

% dig futurepdx.com NS

futurepdx.com.		3600	IN	NS	ns14.domaincontrol.com.
futurepdx.com.		3600	IN	NS	ns13.domaincontrol.com.

So you are not using Netlify DNS because of the reasoning you mentioned (this is fine).

% dig futurepdx.com A

futurepdx.com.		600	IN	A

I am not seeing as the A record for futurepdx.com. This is a GoDaddy IP address.

% dig www.futurepdx.com CNAME

www.futurepdx.com.	3600	IN	CNAME	futurepdx.com.

I am also not seeing the CNAME pointing to your netlify.app site (as the documentation specifies.)

When I visit futurepdx.com I am redirected to fsconsults.com which is pointed to, and does have a CNAME pointing to distracted-visvesvaraya-2aa237.netlify.app. However it does not have an SSL certificate issued.

Thank you! How can I issue an SSL cert for fsconsults.com? I only see the one message on the domains page at the bottom, and if I try to make fsconsults the primary domain I get the message of “We’re provisioning a certificate for your site, you cannot change custom domains until that process completes.” How can I move past the stuck certificate provisioning to fix this? Thanks!

Hi @cgreffly,

if you don’t want to have futurepdx.com, we can remove that domain from our end and set fsconsults.com as the primary domain.

I want to have them both, the email addresses are at fsconsults.com tho so should that be the primary?

The email address is at fsconsults.com, but you’re not going to use Netlify DNS for that domain, correct? Do you wish for that domain to serve your website that is when people enter fsconsults.com, do you wish for your Netlify website to be shown?

I guess I am not sure. The correct site (distracted-visvesvaraya-2aa237) is correctly showing up at HTTP://fsconsults.com, but I guess I want whatever will help fix the issue of going to https://fsconsults.com.

The DNS for futurepdx.com is not resolving to Netlify:

If you don’t want to have that domain for now, I can remove it and the other domain would get a SSL certificate. Sounds about right?

Yeah that sounds good, and then I can add futurepdx.com back after we have the correct A record set on the domain side, right?

Great, I’ve made the required change and fsconsults.com now loads over HTTPS. Now once you’re done with the DNS setup for futurepdx.com, simply click on renew certificate.

Awesome!! Thank you so much.