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DNS verification failed - updated nameservers

I Have updated nameservers around 48 hours ago for site alanmacdonald.net (nelify: https://alan-macdonald-site.netlify.app/) with my DNS provider and added A record on Netlify but getting error:

DNS verification failed
alanmacdonald.net doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify

Saw a few threads where this was resolved on Netlify’s end.

Hi @Alan_M

The nameservers for your domain are indeed pointing to Netlify however there is an unwanted A record still

alanmacdonald.net.      3600    IN      A


Thanks - I’ve removed that, so hopefully issue resolves.

Hi @coelmay ,

I’m now getting the message “There’s a Netlify DNS zone for this domain, but no DNS records associated with it. Please contact support for setting up DNS records.”

Under your Domains (https://app.netlify.com/teams/<team-name>/dns) you should have something like

Then under your site you should have something like

Check out

there are no NETLIFY type records existing, and I don’t seem to have ability to add these

You can’t add them.

Two options:

  1. Delete the domain then add it again (setting it up per docs linked previously.)
  2. Wait for a Support Engineer who can add them back in for you.

Ok - thanks for the assistance, will nameservers change if I delete the domain ?

I cannot say for certain, but it is possible.

Can you request a support engineer to make the change ? I’m not on a paid tier so not sure if I can make that request.

I have marked this thread for them.

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Hi, @Alan_M. It looks like you got it working on your own. Great site and amazing art by the way. I must admit the site itself piqued my curiosity and was forced to tear myself away because it is work time, not art time, for me.

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Many thanks for your kind words about my work, Luke. It’s great to see my paintings up on the new site and very good to see it all working!

All the best,