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DNS verification failed - external hosting

Hi there,

I am getting the following DNS error (pensive-nobel-25ef7a):


About two months ago I connected the www.opply.io-domain to webflow and am hosting the site there now. I followed their step-by-step guide here. The DNS settings are all still on netlify. My Domain and DNS records look as attached.

I am not sure if that is needed but my DNS zones look as follows:

What can I do to avoid the expiry of the certificate? The problem seems to be new. Or could it be that webflow takes care of the certificate from now on?

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @mpostel,

This is a configuration we do not recommend at all. When using Netlify DNS and keeping a DNS zone active here, it’s important to use it on a website at Netlify.

If you purchased the domain from Netlify, and wish to use it elsewhere, we can transfer the domain to your Name.com account and you can then use it the way you wish by changing nameservers, etc.

In it’s current stage, the certificate will expire.

Hi @hrishikesh,

thanks a lot for your reply. I followed the steps outlined on the webflow help but if I understand you correctly, you advise against this approach?

I am quite unfamiliar with DNS settings and certificates in general - what would be the easiest steps that solve the problem? I have all my DNS settings (for email etc.) with netlify and was happy with that up to now.


Hi @mpostel,

Yes, we do advise against it and you’d run into problems sooner or later, looks like you’ve run into one now.

As I said, you’d have to take your domain out of Netlify (in your name.com) account and then you’d have to re-configure all your DNS in that. Then you can use that domain on Webflow or anything else without any problem. If that’s not possible, you would have to use the domain on Netlify. I have heard there are some adapters of some kind for Webflow that can convert your website which can be hosted on Netlify, maybe you can try that?