DNS verification failed error

I have configured DNS for my website, but still, I keep getting a DNS verification failed error. It states that your custom domain is not served by netlify.

Hi @VikaramjitSinghGorra Welcome to the Netlify forums :netliconfetti:

Can you provide the domain you are trying to verify?

Hi, the domain is www.vikaramjitsingh.com

Thanks @VikaramjitSinghGorra

I can see it is pointing to Netlify, and can even see your page. But this post is very relevant here

Hi, thanks for your propmt response. So, I just need to wait for certificate to be issued? How long can DNS record take to expire?

That will depend on the TTL of your domain prior to your updating it. Could take minutes, hours or days.

@VikaramjitSinghGorra Are you still seeing this behavior? Your site seems to being loading fine now.

|====================== get x-nf-request-id =====================
| -------------------- blank if not Netlify ---------------------
| --------------------- vikaramjitsingh.com ---------------------
| ---------------------------- http -----------------------------
< x-nf-request-id: 87e21091-77af-43cd-92eb-98ccd29ab7cc
| ---------------------------- https ----------------------------
< x-nf-request-id: 6b57cb38-198a-4b84-8366-a854daca6ab5
| ------------------- www.vikaramjitsingh.com -------------------
| ---------------------------- http -----------------------------
< x-nf-request-id: 8dac69bf-be3b-487b-8a3c-0f67fce7537d
| ---------------------------- https ----------------------------
< x-nf-request-id: a3e586c1-7a74-4e2e-9ede-b203dc499053

Yes, it is working now. Thank you very much for the assistance. :grinning:

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