DNS settings/Email


I am not able to set an A Record for my domain… I receive an error telling me this:
dns_api somewhere-south.com - somewhere-south.com/A: 400 - link exists, all config must be empty

I saw in the forums that you will take care of issues like this here

I already set my Nameserver and thought I moved all settings to netlify.


@SomewhereSouth Welcome to the Netlify community.

You’re trying to add these MX records in the Netlify DNS dashboard, right? Because you have delegated DNS from Ionos to Netlify, that’s where these records must go.

Also, are you self-hosting e-mail or having a service such as Gmail doing it?

I changed my name server from ionos to netlify and I guess I have to move all the records as well…

everything email is still hosted on ionos.

hey @SomewhereSouth - the error message you are seeing occurs when you are trying to add a new A record before deleting the old one - that might be helpful info for you.

I removed all A Record Settings on Ionos which point to the @ hostname, not sure if this takes some time, but netlify is still showing this error.

IONOS-DNS-Einstellungen sind inaktiv wenn Sie einen benutzerdefinierten Nameserver verwenden

IONOS also uses the netlify nameserver (dns1.p08.nsone.net), not sure if IONOS records are still used anywhere.

@SomewhereSouth No, once you delegate DNS to a service (including Netlify), all DNS entries must be made there. So yes, you need to re-enter your MX records via your Netlify dashboard, along with any others that might be there.

Hi, @SomewhereSouth. This support guide might be helpful as I believe covers this exact type of issue:

ok, so I copied all dns settings from ionos to netlify, all except one… this record cannot be set due to this error

@SomewhereSouth You don’t transfer the A record over. That is handled automatically by Netlify by virtue of you having delegated DNS to them at Ionos.