DNS Routing issues

We use DNSimple as an external DNS provider. We have a CNAME entry that points our www record to fv-marketing.netlify.app.

We have some customers that are reporting DNS troubles when reaching www.freightview.com. We haven’t made any changes to this configuration in several months, and these issues just started occurring this morning.

We notice that when tracing the DNS for fv-marketing.netlify.app, that some of the providers are timing out on those requests. Is this something that you’re aware of? Or could we have something misconfigured on our end that would resolve these issues?

I noticed the same issue this morning with Quad9. Looks like Quad9 uses a blocklist that has netlify.app blocked: Blocked Domain Tester | Quad9

Hi, we’ve requested for the site to be removed from the blocklist. Please see yoru ticket for more details.