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DNS records pointing to external IPs not working

I’m trying to create a DNS entry on my domain, say example.com, which is on Netlify DNS. The root domain example.com has a Netlify site running. I wish to create ftp.example.com pointing to a server say 444.444.44.4, so that I can SSH into the server using username@ftp.example.com.
For this, I have created a DNS record:

ftp.example.com CNAME 444.444.44.4

But it does not really point to the IP, hence I can’t SSH into the server. I don’t think there’s an issue with the server, because when I tried to connect a different domain name which is on Cloudflare DNS, it allowed me to SSH into the server. So I’m assuming it’s an issue with Netlify DNS.

Hi @pexeixv

You’re trying to SSH into Netlify?

Netlify doesn’t offer such facilities.

I believe they’re trying to point to an external server where they can SSH into. However, with the example.com domain, we can’t check anything for you. If you could share the actual domain name, we can see if something is wrong with the DNS on our end.

No @coelmay, I’m not trying to SSH into Netlify. I’m trying to SSH into a server using a subdomain that is on Netlify’s DNS.

Thanks @hrishikesh. I got it working by changing the DNS record to

ftp.example.com A 444.444.44.4