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DNS Records a record

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  • we need to know your netlify site name. priceless-cray-907de9
    *I need to add these DNS A Records:



Hi @dmac

Please see Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs

Hi @coelmay, I am getting an error adding an A record.

What is the error?
Are you using external DNS or Netlify DNS?

dns_api nextafi.com - nextafi.com/A: 400 - link exists, all config must be empty

Can you explain what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are using Netlify DNS in order to add a custom domain to a Netlify hosted site, you have no need to add A records. The only time you need to add A records to a domain in Netlify DNS is when you have external sites/services you need to configure (e.g. api.example.com is hosted on another service.)

Have you read over the following