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DNS problems with website - assistance needed


I’m having trouble with the DNS settings at my domain, ntention.com ( ntention-web.netlify.app)

We don’t get a specific error message in the Netflify settings, but the website is suddenly inaccessible and we can’t seem to get it back online again. We’ve also had trouble with some e-mails that have not been delivered correctly, and we suspect there to be something with the PTR records.

We need our website back up and running, so please reach out if you might know what’s causing this.

Best Regards

  • Ntention

howdy @Ntention ,

where are you located? is it possible this is a local issue? maybe check from a different network (vpn or phone)? I can see it perfectly from west coast USA:

@Ntention Welcome to the Netlify community.

Your DNS records look valid, and your site seems to load fine for me here in Southern California.

Hi @Ntention

Just checking from AU and currently unavailable. DNS records haven’t updated everywhere yet, some are still showing awsdns records instead of nsone. Sometimes the Internet runs a little slow :confused:

I didn’t check that because according to whois, “Updated Date: 2021-06-01”. Looking again, I now see:

|===================== whois name server for ====================
| ------------------------ ntention.com ------------------------
Updated Date: 2021-06-01T10:54:54Z
Name Server: dns1.p05.nsone.net 
Name Server: dns2.p05.nsone.net 
Name Server: dns3.p05.nsone.net 
Name Server: dns4.p05.nsone.net 
Name Server: ns-85.awsdns-10.com 

… which overlaps only slightly with this:

|===================== dig name server(s) for ===================
| ------------------------ ntention.com ------------------------
| ------------------- should agree with whois -------------------
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Hi, @Ntention. The DNS is configured incorrectly currently.

As, @gregraven already mentioned, I’m also showing both Netlify DNS and AWS Route 53 being used at the same time. Unless you have some advanced custom tooling to keep the two DNS services in sync, this is unlikely to be successful.

So, before proceeding, we will need to confirm which DNS service you will use (or if you plan to use both how that is being done). Would you please confirm which DNS service is the one you want to use?

After determining that, the next step would to be make sure only the chosen DNS service is configured for the domain at the registrar. Also, if you query Route 53, you can see that the TTL (time to live) is 48 hours (172800 seconds):

$ dig +noall +answer  @ns-85.awsdns-10.com ntention.com NS
ntention.com.		172800	IN	NS	ns-1264.awsdns-30.org.
ntention.com.		172800	IN	NS	ns-1658.awsdns-15.co.uk.
ntention.com.		172800	IN	NS	ns-85.awsdns-10.com.
ntention.com.		172800	IN	NS	ns-864.awsdns-44.net.

This means that when the changes are made at the registrar, it can take as long as 48 hours for the previous records to be removed from the caches of DNS resolvers around the world.

If you still see issues after moving to a single DNS service, please let us know which records are not working the the IP address for the resolver returning the wrong or missing record responses.

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@Ntention You seem to have delegated DNS back to Netlify – which is good – although this latest change is still propagating. Your site once again loads fine for me in Southern California, and once the last of the AWS name servers expire from your published DNS settings, your site should be fully working.

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