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Hello! I just set up my account yesterday, connecting the domain I registered through DNSimple with my Netlify account, and transferring the host servers to Netlify to set up SSL.
However, my custom domain is now not working for some reason.
My netlify site name works fine at https://psonneveld.netlify.app/
But my custom domain, https://petersonneveld.com/, receives an error:


I had the error for a bit yesterday, but then it worked again. However, today it seems to be persistent. I have tried to visit the domain with different devices/networks, but to no avail.
Did I make a mistake while setting my domain up?

I was able to load your site from Australia.

From using various DNS lookup utilities, I can see your site is using Netlify nameservers. There are a couple of instances where records have not propagated to DNS (or they are having other issues) and are therefore unable to route to your site. While propagation often takes mere minutes, it can take much longer.

You don’t appear to have made any mistakes.

Thank you for checking! I’m glad I didn’t make any mistakes, however the domain still doesn’t work. Do you happen to know how I can fix it?

Using Zoho Toolkit (result) shows records appearing and disappearing a quickly as one can click.

Checking NS records with DNSimple returns

$ dig +short @ns1.dnsimple.com petersonneveld.com NS

while checking them with Google Public DNS returns

$ dig +short @ petersonneveld.com NS

So I would suggest there is a misconfiguration with DNSimple or an issue with propagation. Can you double check your NS settings, and records in Netlify (see docs). You’re welcome to post screenshots here if you require any clarification.

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Thanks! I checked again with DNSimple and it turns out I had DNSSEC turned on, which seems to have caused the error. Turning that off has solved it.


Thanks for letting us know! Glad it is working now :slight_smile:

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