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Netlify address: https://cocky-wiles-69e17b.netlify.app/

Custom domain: zaid-younan.com

Hi guys, I had my website on Netlify originally - but then I transferred it to Heroku cause I needed a backend, so I transferred the domain to Name.com and started using cloudflare.

This week, I’ve rebuilt my website and want to put it back on Netlify. So I got rid of Cloudflare (from what I gather, I don’t actually need it?), and I’ve pointed the Name.com nameservers to the Netlify ones. However, the website now gives an “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” error. However, it does work if I edit the Network settings on my Macbook and manually input the google Public DNS addresses (same with my Android phone). Obviously, this isn’t good because other people can’t view my website unless they make the same changes.

I searched on this forum, and someone said that the issue is typically an “inactive DNS zone”, but after performing the debugging checks with dig and trace, everything seems to be okay and my DNS zones seem to be active.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :pray:

As I write this, your site is working for me, however DNS Checker shows your DNS changes have not fully propagated yet. Bare in mind that DNS can take up to 48 hours.

Hmm okay i’ll wait, it’s just strange that it works on some devices - but not on others. And it was working yesterday (an hour or so after making the change).

When you say you got rid of it, did you remove your domain and all records from Cloudflare, or simply change your NS to point to Netlify?

Yesterday I simply changed the NS to point to netlify - but a few hours ago, I also deleted the website from Cloudflare altogether

Hi @zeddo7,

Is it still not working? I can second @coelmay said and the website appears to load fine. Moreover, as you said, the dig is showing correct info too and your zone is indeed active.

If you’re still not seeing it, could you try to flush your DNS cache or try a different browser/device/network?

The fact about manual DNS change is strange and that should to be needed. When you say you added Google’s DNS, which one were you using otherwise? Or did you just remove it and set it back again?

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I flushed the DNS cache on my windows PC (the one that it’s not working on), and it still doesn’t work on there.

Regarding the DNS change, that was just a local change I made after googling the “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” error. What i did was I changed the default DNS address on my macbook (there were two, one was like or something, and the other was 192.68.etc etc) to the google public addresses, and That fixed it - but only for that computer (the macbook).

EDIT: Perhaps that’s the problem? Because I made that change, any device on my network that hasn’t made the same change no longer can connect to my website?

EDIT 2: Just checked with a friend, he can access the website just fine. Perhaps it really is just my network.

As posted earlier (see DNS Checker link above), not all changes have propagated, some locations are exclusively showing Cloudflare NS (hence my previous question about removing all records from Cloudflare). Here’s an example:

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I don’t recall if i deleted the Cloudflare records individually, but i definitely deleted the website from Cloudflare altogether

So I guess all i have to do is wait…?

Thanks for your help man

Deleting the domain from Cloudflare won’t help till you don’t remove the nameservers from your domain registrar altogether.

But from the DNS checks it seems you’ve done it. So, let’s wait and see what happens. But I really feel this might be some local issue not even related to propagation.