DNS Newbie Here! - Registered domain through AWS Route 53, want to transfer to Netlify

Netlify site name: https://gallant-lamarr-df5c77.netlify.app/
Custom Domain: nbbconline.org
Registrar: AWS Route53

I am able to access my website via it’s custom domain name, but only by typing www in front of it.
so, www.nbbconline.org works, and it brings me right to the home page, however, nbbconline.org gives me Chrome error: nbbconline.org ’s server IP address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN


  1. Is editing DNS records within Route53 the only way to do this, or can I have this domain completely transferred to netlify for easier management?
  2. If it’s best to keep it managed in Route53, where am I going wrong with my record sets?

Current DNS records from AWS Route53

@ab.sitedev Welcome to the Netlify community.

I think you have the wrong DNS entries. To use Netlify DNS, you need to assign all DNS to Netlify, as opposed to making NS DNS entries in your AWS control panel which leave AWS in control of your DNS.

You can either transfer the DNS to Netlify (you can transfer registration too, but it’s not necessary), or you can change the DNS entries in your AWS dashboard so that the bare custom domain (nbbconline.org) points to the Netlify load balancer IP address (, and the www subdomain (www.nbbconline.org) points to your Netlify subdomain (i.e. nbbconline.netlify.app).


Thank you Gregraven!! All I had to do was add an A record pointing to that load balancer IP you gave me.

I really appreciate your help

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