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DNS Name Server Not working and SSL Certification Issue

Netlify site name: https://cocky-mahavira-83d77d.netlify.app/
Domain Name: meegrow.com

Today I tried to map the domain which is from goo daddy in netlify.
As I add the dns name server and it got verified instantly and now when I revisit my team netlify it is showing dns name server not verified.

Before the dns record got verified and there was issue in ssl certificate, and I have raised the issue with support ticket 73871. As I told when I check again the dns is showing not verified and the ssl got installed.

How it is possible ssl is installed without dns verification. And the site is also working but the dns error is not going away.

The ssl is installed showing in my netlify account but when I preview the site it is saying certificate is missing.

Also I have verified my dns name server in various online tools. It is pointing to the netlify nameserver only

It is showing fine to me.

Hi @Kavita2599

I have just visited https://meegrow.com/ and see SSL is provisioned and working. I suggest it was simply a matter of waiting for DNS propagation to occur.