DNS: mapping subdomain to another server with ip

My main domain is on netlify and working, i wanted to point my subdomain to another server with x.x.x.x ipv4 address, i pointed the IP updating the A records to the host. but the subdomain is not working. I have tested on server where internal host on subdomain is working.
My domain is. rarityhunter.network
I wanted to point api.rarityhunter.network to another server.

Hey @NealAkhil

Can you provide the domain in question?

Hey @coelmay my domain: rarityhunter.network

I see no issues with DNS for api.rarityhunter.network. What is happening is the server it is on is trying to redirect from http:// to https:// but the redirect fails. This is nothing to do with DNS and entirely the configuration of that server—likely HTTPS is either not configured, or incorrectly configured.

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