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DNS issues with CNAME Record - Not Found


I’m having issues with a DNS record redirecting to our netlify site - we can’t switch the namespace and have netlify take over hosting currently, because our main website is still running there.

However, we’ve created a CNAME record on our DNS that points a subdomain (owlevenings.the-raptors.com) to the netlify domain (owlevenings.netlify.app).

The domain is currently managed by Dreamhost, who confirm that the CNAME record has propagated properly, but visiting the owlevenings.the-raptors.com url gives the following error:
Not found - Request ID: c6d3af8e-44a9-4528-b27e-b10f6afdb875
(The request ID changes each time)

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance!

You’ve not added the custom domain to the list. Thus the error.