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DNS issues, site can't be reached on Chrome

Hi, I’m having DNS issues.

I’m getting the error “Site can’t be reached” on Chrome and Brave after reloading the site, but it works ok on Firefox. https://www.leandroubilla.com

In order for the site to load again you have to clear the browsing data.

Everything started when I deleted the ipv6 domain thing.
I deleted the site and re built it more than 48 hours ago but the error persists.

Netlify site name: cranky-tereshkova-22e539.netlify.app
Custom domain: leandroubilla.com

Error message on Chrome and Brave:

This site can’t be reached

The webpage at https://www.leandroubilla.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


Thank you.

Welcome to the forum @leanug

I was able to load your site in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. The fact you can load the site in Firefox means it is entirely a Chrome/Brave issue.

Have you tried loading your site in a Chrome Incognito window?
Another option is to clear Chrome’s DNS Cache chrome://net-internals/#dns

Hi, I can load the site in a Chrome incognito window, but only once, if I reload the page I get the same error.

The only way I can load the site again is by clearing the browser data.

I believe it is something to do with the gatsby-plugin-offline.

When I deleted this and clicked refresh (in Chrome) the page loaded without error.

As you are using a service worker may also impact your site [Support Guide] Understanding & unregistering service workers

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