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DNS Is missing for my website

My DNS is missing for the domain www.vivek-portfolio.com. Please help


Hi @v.thrissur86

If you have recently updated the DNS for your domain, please note that DNS changes can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, and in worse-case a couple of days.

I can see that DNS records are beginning to populate around the world. You can check here.

This Support Guide has details information about DNS and SSL.

If you still have issues, check out this article by your registrar (Namecheap) How to Change DNS For a Domain

Hi @coelmay,

This looks like a spammer to me. They had previously opened a similar thread and I replied to that. They didn’t revert. They also wrote in the helpdesk, didn’t revert and now there’s another topic.

I’m closing this.

Update, it seems like DNS is now propagating, however @v.thrissur86, it’d be great if you could keep the conversation going on in the sae thread here: Website is not working.