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DNS for root/apex domain not resolving, subdomains fine

Hi, I’ve moved over two domains to be hosted by Netlify DNS, changed over the nameservers with my registrar, and all the subdomains I’ve set up work, but the root/apex doesn’t. Doing a dig directly at the Netlify nameserver returns two A records for the subdomains, but only an SOA authority for the apex, yet the sites and domains are set up to all be auto-managed by Netlify + Netlify DNS, and seem like they should be working in both the site and the DNS views.

If I switch the sites to be primary on www and the apex to redirect to www, then I can see the site fine on www, but the apex still doesn’t seem to resolve properly, and switching it back to the other way round, the www correctly redirects to the apex, then the apex fails still.

Am I missing a step? Have spotted a few others on this forum having the same problems. Do I need to add any extra/manual entries to the DNS records? They previously had a manual A record yesterday as part of me moving over from my old hosting, but I’ve long since deleted that now.

The two domains are vitaminj.co.uk and yvlabs.co.uk

Thanks for any help

If they used to have A records, I’d be tempted to delete the custom domains and re-add them – see if anything is picked up systematically.

I’ve checked and there’s a NETLIFY record for both the apex and www subdomain so it’s an odd one! Silly last thing to check… does it all look honky-dorey at your registrar, with the correct NS records as prompted in the UI?

Yeah, all the nameservers were correctly set at the registrar, and looked up OK (annoyingly, two different sets, rather than the same set for both domains).

I tried deleting the custom domains for the yvlabs site, but they don’t vanish in DNS without nuking the whole zone, which I did, then recreated it, and now it seems to be working, although let’s encrypt and the “check dns configuration” thing still seem to be confused, due to propagation I guess and being given new nameservers. But a direct dig at the nameserver works, and it works in the browser.

If this works I will do the same for the other domain, though that’s more complicated as it has my email going through it so ideally I’d have no downtime.

But this sounds weird, is it a bug? Assign an A manually, add a Netlify-hosted custom domain of the same name, manually delete the A, then you’re stuck with the apex not correctly resolving unless you start from scratch?

Ok, for my other domain I seem to have sorted it by removing the custom domain from the site, deleting the apex entry from the DNS page (the www version was not deleteable, despite being removed from the “other side”), then adding the domain back to the site.

Thanks for your help.
I still feel the DNS auto-generation is a bit buggy somewhere though, it seems to have got itself out of sync behind the scenes!

The conflict from the A record doesn’t sound ideal! Though, these will counteract any NETLIFY record and could inhibit their creation at our provider (NS1).

In future, if you need a hand deleting any system records from the DNS pane – let us know. We can mark these as deletable :+1:.