DNS drama (and other issues)


I am trying to point my netlify url to the endpoint hodlrz.com thru AWS (using CNAME template) but I’m still getting 404 errors.

Not sure what could be the issue because I did the exact same thing for my other domain and had no problems at all getting everything set up. Also don’t see a way to set up IPv6 but not sure if that’s entirely necessary. Pls see info below:

Nelify URL https://frosty-nobel-0e2ab1.netlify.app/
AWS: http://www.hodlrz.com


PS–Also have an eye on setting up a secure link in the next day or so, so please send any simple non RTFM docs my way if you can. But, first things first, PLEASE HELP ME GET OUT OF THIS DNS DRAMA. THANKS–RTF

It appears you delegated DNS to Netlify, but somehow you have SSL record blocking turned on.

|================== check SSL record blocking ===================
| ---------------------- should be blank ------------------------
| ------------------ when using Netlify DNS ---------------------
| ------------------------- hodlrz.com -------------------------
hodlrz.com.		3592	IN	CNAME	frosty-nobel-0e2ab1.netlify.app.

| ----------------------- www.hodlrz.com -----------------------
www.hodlrz.com.		3592	IN	CNAME	frosty-nobel-0e2ab1.netlify.app.

Is the block coming from AWS? Don’t see any blocks on this end.

Also, where can I see the console outputs you’re seeing?


It’s the dig command-line utility on my local computer.

dig +noall +answer hodlrz.com -t CAA

Thanks. Is there a launch command I use? Not sure why it’s still blocked.

Is there any more info you need @gregraven …still blocked here and not sure what next step is

I only see there is something unusual with your setup. I can’t see there the source of that issue is. Sorry.

Hi, @webdevs4ever. This will resolve the issue:

  1. Delete the CNAME records here: https://app.netlify.com/account/dns/hodlrz.com
  2. Add the domain to the site settings here: https://app.netlify.com/sites/frosty-nobel-0e2ab1/settings/domain#custom-domains

Adding the custom domain to the site settings in step two will automatically create the required NETLIFY type DNS records. However, that will only work if you delete the CNAME records first (step one).

If that doesn’t resolve the issue or if there are any questions, please let us know.

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Sorry for the late post @luke . Real solid info + walkthru. :mechanical_arm:


PS–Tip of that hat as well @gregraven …thanks for moving this along.

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