DNS Configured But still problem with complete propagation. Loading in few locations and not in others

This is default subdomain of my website in netlify: https://hungry-allen-debf6d.netlify.app/

My primary domain is www.enviary.com and I’ve configured netlify DNS properly with domain registrar - GoDaddy.

The problem is it has been 12+ hours and full propagation is not completed yet. My website loads successfully in few locations but not in others location like when I use VPN or ask friends from different location like USA to see if it loads on their end. But no luck yet!

I had hired DNS resolution expert from Fiverr who had served 500 clients and he says that configurations are accurately mapped as website is live in few location. His advice is to just wait. But it has been more than 12 hours

Any support on this will by highly appreciated.

Thank you,

P.S. This is error screenshot

Hi, @abshaw. Since it is working for me and I cannot reproduce the issue we need some information from the affected system. In other words, it doesn’t help to run these commands where the site is working. We need this information from the system where it is not working.

To gather the needed information, please do the follwing:

  1. Install the command line tool dig (instructions here)
  2. Run the two commands below:
    dig enviary.com
    dig +trace enviary.com 
  3. Post the output of those two commands here.

In most cases the root cause will turn out to be TTLs (time to live values) but if there is something else happening that information above will almost certainly explain what the root cause is.

If there are questions about any of this, please let us know.

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@abshaw Welcome to the Netlify community.

DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate. FWIW, it seems to be loading fine for me in Southern California.


Thank you! Yes, it looks like all it needed just to wait and watch. Thanks again for quick heads up!

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