DNS configuraton error - setting custom domains OVH

I would like to use my custom domain host on OVH.
I’ve set up my www. CNAME to mywebsite.netlify.com.
But I can’t reach my website (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN).
I’v also try to set up my apex domain to but nothing change.
Thank you

This is probably either:

  • your registrar not having things set up right
  • or dns propagation delay.

Does it work better now? Since you didn’t give us the real hostname, we can’t give any real useful advice or check my assertions :slight_smile:

The place I usually go to check if the domain is setup wrong in a way that could lead to that error code is here:


If there are any RED errors in the sidebar after analysis, OVH will have to help you configure DNSSEC. But if it is already fixed likely it was just the normal propagation delay that DNS has.


It’s working now, I had conflict in my DNS Zone.

Thanks for answering.

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