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DNS configuration taking too long to propagate


My Netlify site name is ndangwahub.netlify.app/#. I connected my Netlify to Namecheap for my domain customization. Usually, it takes like 24-48 hours to propagate, but it’s been saying " Waiting on DNS propagation " for over 2 days now. My client can’t access the website and that’s a bit of a problem for me.

I have reloaded the page and googled all sorts to solve this problem, but still not working.

Hi @Samuel-Anumudu

Can you provide the custom domain you are trying to connect so others can assist in solving your issue?

Hi @Samuel-Anumudu,

I can see 3 domains in your account but one of them is not connected to any website. Also, the Netlify website that you mention doesn’t seem to exist anymore.