Dns configuration not reflecting in propagation

Hello Netlify,

I have a domain (offmyyard.com) in which i removed an MX record (mx1.privateeemail.com) from the dns configuration (as seen in Capture1.PNG). but this does not reflect in propagation as the removed MX record still shows in my dns checker DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool (as seen in Capture2.png). Please can you look in to my dns configuration and ensure all the configurations propagate thanks

view the screenshots attached below.

Hi, @jarocode. The screenshot shows the time to live (TTL) values for the current MX records as 86400. This is the number of seconds downstream DNS resolvers should cache the record. 86400 seconds is 24 hours so it is definitely normal for the previous record to be cached for up to a day.

If you still see the record cached after 24 hours, please let us know.

Hello @luke , thanks for your feedback, its been way over 24 hrs. The thing is, the Mx records all reflect except that i REMOVED a particular Mx record (mx1.privateeemail.com) but this record still shows in my dns checker (the one i underlined red in my second screenshot). it shouldn’t be there again since i have removed it.

This should now be resolved.