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DNS attached to the OVH are not working

I’ve got 3 different sites on Netlify. Every single domain for them I’ve bought on the OVH site.
I’ve configured every domain’s DNS in the same way. For a couple of months all sites were working without problem, but lastly I noticed, that 2 of 3 sites are not working.


To be honest, I don’t know what to do right now. I was searching similar posts but I cannot find anyone. Can anyone help me?

Hi @D1MK4,

It looks like a problem with the domain registrar. It’s not reporting any DNS records including name servers. Looks like the domains were deleted/expired. You might have to contact them for help.

Could you look on this screen? Domain will expire in February 2022. It is really weird for me :confused:
Also I cannot contact with them without buying a higher level support plan for a sick price per month.
Maybe a better way is to move domains names to godaddy for example?

I can see you just tried enabling DNSSEC. We do not support that, please leave it disabled. About the transfer, sure maybe a transfer would help. If the domain would have at least reported name servers, we could have considered that as something wrong with Netlify DNS, but it doesn’t return any DNS records whatsoever.

Thank you for your time. I will consider a transfer.