Discovery of the best practices on true headless

Hey guys,

I am in the initial discovery phase for my project - a multilanguage media website. Please challenge my solution, what blocks I could hit during development?

I do want to have two completely independent apps:

  1. One for a backend, which is NextJS app with just an admin page
  2. And a frontend - NextJS app that fetches the content from Github repo where files from p.1 are stored. I would use Graphql, with just one request I could get all the files with their content.

I chose this setup mainly because I want to use NextJS context in getStaticProps (for localization) and unfortunately it’s impossible with Netlify deployment because it doesn’t work with ‘next export’.

So my concerns right now are:

  1. Images, I didn’t test my architecture with Cloudinary, but I guess if the images URL would be just embedded in MDX, that would be ok? Could it be a problem to render them in the frontend?

  2. Requests to Github. I think if the website would grow significantly - the request for all articles with their content could be huge? I mean it’s only text, but still, could it be the problem, and how soon?

  3. What else?

hi @sorokinvj,

great questions! I have moved your post to a different area in the forums where it might get more attention.