Disable LFS Please [Generic Title]

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Please disable Large Media for my app bcb7fd59-1ed6-40ca-869e-e089aea4d440. Let me know what steps I need to take to remove this functionality from my site.


Thanks for letting us know you want to uninstall the Large Media add-on for your site. Would you please confirm you have read the following Support Guide?

If you have read that, please confirm you have backups of all files and let us know when you are ready to proceed.

Hi, yes I’ve read through the guide. The problem is (and this is probably why Large Media isn’t working) is that a .lfsconfig file was never created in my project despite following the instructions, so that file is not available to remove as part of the uninstall

Hi, @hamishirving. It turns out that there is no Large Media add-on enabled for that site. There is nothing to uninstall because it was never installed.

It appears you are using Git LFS but using the Git host’s LFS service, not Netlify’s (which is Large Media).

Using the Git host’s LFS service does work but the environment variable GIT_LFS_ENABLED must be set in order to use it. I don’t see that having been done for this site.

There is more documentation about this here:

Have you tried adding the GIT_LFS_ENABLED (and possibly the GIT_LFS_FETCH_INCLUDE) environment variable to the site setting at Netlify?

Note: This environment variable must be added in the web UI. It cannot be set in netlify.toml because it is needed before cloning and netlify.toml isn’t available until after the clone is done.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Thanks for the quick response, I’m now using a different solution for my static assets so I’d like to disable Git LFS - it also currently means images don’t show on my site. This might not be your area, but what’s the best way to disable Git LFS?

Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 08.43.38

This StackOverflow post is the best recommendation I have for those instructions:

This issue on the git-lfs repo also seems to be a great source of information: