Disable Autobuild but enable instant rollback


My website URL is : https://atlas-dev.netlify.app/

I’m using a self-hosted gitlab instance to build my app, so I had to disable autobuild on Netlify UI. However, I’d like to be able to deploy (or revert) any version of my app via Netlify UI. Is there a way to do this without building the site again?

Currently, disabling autobuild results in this message:
Builds are stopped : Activate builds on this site to resume continuous deployment as well as re-enable the option to trigger deploys from this page.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, @nicolas67, the current workflow would be this:

  • activate builds
  • click on an old deploy in the web app
  • click the “Publish deploy” button on the deploy details page
  • stop builds

You might even do this in two tabs (one for deploy details and one for the site build settings) to publish the previous deploy and stop builds again quickly. While not ideal, that is the current workaround to accomplish this.

Hi @luke ,

Thanks for the trick! It works but I noticed that after the rollback, reloading (with shift key) the same page does not work (when the URL is not the base URL), I have to re-enter the base URL. Maybe it’s due to a misconfiguration on my side, I’ll investigate this (or is it a well-known bug?)

That could be due to your site using filenames with a random hash in it. This prevents our system from successfully rolling back atomic deploys since each deploy has a different filename. You can read about this more here: https://www.netlify.com/blog/2017/02/23/better-living-through-caching/.

I would recommend disabling the filename hashing and see if that helps.