Different layout when deployed

This is my netlify website: https://anati-portfolio.netlify.app/

Here’s the problem, when I open index.html on the localhost, the layout for the portfolio works as intended:

However, when deployed to Netlify, it become 1 column instead (you can look on the website because I can’t upload more than 1 media atm)

I’m using the same browser and computer, and it should only be 1 column when I minimise the browser. How do I fix this? Thank you

I don’t believe this is anything to do with Netlify. But this is what I have found.

With a browser window set to 1440 wide, I see

Once the window width is 1613 I see

The same happens when making the window width smaller (around 1425)

Suggest looking a grid width, padding/margin, and any specific breakpoints/screensizes.

Note: All testing done in Firefox on macOS; widths based on window size when your size was loaded.