Different email destinations based on dropdown list

All of our website contact form requests are currently sent to one email; however, we would prefer if we could add a dropdown of our departments and send the submission directly to that department based on the user’s selection. Is this currently feasible in Netlify or would it be easier to set up a rule to auto forward emails with the string using our mail portal? Thank you.

There might be a way to do that using Zapier, however, I’m not 100% sure if you’d be able to get the option selected in the form. There’s a section here that says that you can also send confirmation e-mail to the person submitting the form. So, I’m assuming that one can get the values from the form. If getting the values is possible, the setup of zap should be easy.

However, I think autoforwading way would be the easiest one. You can probably set-up custom subjects using an hidden field in the form and then forward e-mails based on the subject line.

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I agree with hrishikesh.
There is no inherent way to do this in Netlify, but you could use a third party service such as Zapier. Alternatively, you can use rules such as the ones in Gmail. For example, if the subject has the email from the dropdown, it can forward the email to a specified email address.

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