Differences between Netlify and Strattic

Hey there! My name is Chris and I’m not only new to Netlify but to the world of headless, static, jamstack etc. in general, and It’s pretty overwhelming and my head is spinning so much that I may become headless myself soon enough. :sweat_smile:

Why I post this topic (Will keep it short and on point):
I’m really in love with what Strattic does and I wonder if Netlify can come close to what they do and let me use it on a BigCommerce x WordPress setup?

According to strattic they do this:
"Strattic is also “headless” in that your published site is fully static with no live “head” (we turn off the WP CMS when you’re not editing your site).
The result from Strattic is equivalent to what you get using a more traditional “static site generator”, such as Hugo (my fav) or Jekyll, Gatsby, etc.

But… we also support forms and search via JS, so that could be called more “Jamstack”, too."

Thanks for your time and answers

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This is going to be an uneducated answer and maybe a bit partial since I only know about Netlify and this was the first time I came across Strattic.

From the initial look, it appears as if Strattic is meant as a replacement for dynamic Wordpress, and is more interested towards allowing you to somehow convert your dynamic Wordpress websites into static.

It’s probably the same as Netlify (in Netlify’s core product form) - that it allows your to build static sites and host them on a CDN, but for some reason, they brand themselves more as Wordpress hosts. Maybe they also allow you to host your Wordpress backend with them.

So, the main difference could be here. On Netlify, you can host static websites, and even host static Wordpress sites, as long as the Wordpress backend runs elsewhere.