Did I miss something? Why Netlify is now asking the permission to access my GitHub Issues?

Did I miss something?
I see that now Netlify asks the permission to access my GitHub issues. Is there any particular reason?

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You didn’t see the announcement?

This is explained in depth here:

which is relation to this:


Thanks for reaching out @Cesco :wave:

@coelmay is spot on. This is due to our new product release yesterday! I encourage you to follow those links and read more about collaborative deploy previews :netliconfetti:

Unfortunately, the permissions emails were generated by GitHub and we had no control over the content. We had 240 characters to explain after you clicked the link.

However, we’re realizing that it might have been helpful to send our own, separate email to help explain the email from GitHub.

Again, we appreciate you reaching out about this!

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Thanks, I completely missed that announce.

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Thank you for the explanation.

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Hindsight is such a wonderful thing @hillary!

An email from Netlify prior to the GitHub email may have proved beneficial especially for those that were not expecting the announcement from Netlify.

We live and learn. That’s how life work.

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