Despite having a Domain name, the default Netlify subdomain shows up in the address bar

My domain name is, but my default netlify subdomain is the url that shows up on my address bar, no matter how I access it (

I tried changing the default subdomain too, But i got an error 404, web page not found :frowning:

I’m very new to web dev (like a week in) so I don’t know anything about anything

@diby0 Welcome to the Netlify community. It looks as though you are off to a good start.

Each of your domains loads as that domain for me, so you may be seeing some local caching.

However, to get your Netlify subdomain to redirect to your custom domain, you need to add redirects either to your _redirects or your netlify.toml files. They will be along these lines:* 301!* 301!
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Domain looks to be working great. So Let’s get to the nitty gritty here:

The art on this site is FANTASTIC!!! Your statement above is so not true, I know a ton about web dev, but nothing compared to what you know about creating art!


Oh yes I checked on other devices and the domain name is correct, definitely something wrong with my computer, thank you so much!

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When I said ‘anything’ I meant things about coding and websites and stuff lol, but thank you so much, you totally made my day :heart: