Deploys with minimal change don't work the same

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Hi, I’m developing a site that uses external api calls to get some information. I noticed that my deployed builds are not behaving the same. In one of the deployed builds all was working fine and on the other I just added console.log and all of sudden the generated timestamps that are used for these api calls were wrong. How is it possible that one deploy was fine while the other was not? Just to be sure it was not a fluke I’ve created a separate branch from the specific commit that was working fine and to my surprise everything was running fine. Could anyone help me with that please?

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Can you attach the link to the two deploys you mentioned?

Hi, I’ve solved it already. Just made a new branch from the commit that was working correctly and slowly started implementing components from master branch. Maybe some caching problem?

Glad you found it working! Without a deploy i can’t tell you why but perhaps it was cache

If the same problem occurs again (hopefully not) I will make another ticket with affected deploys. Is there any other information that I should paste into ticket that could help speed the solution?

Hi, your site name, deploy log/id, and general information about the problem is helpful. There is nothing really that will speed up the response to your solution especially with you being on a self serve tier, but because you are on a pro tier you can reach out directly to our helpdesk. Just note the average response time in our help desk is 5-7 business day.

Thank you, will provide this information next time that I open a ticket