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Deployment stuck at "Starting Up"

I have my Netlify site connected to my GitHub and have enabled automatic deployments from master branch. However, the deployment is stuck on the “Starting Up” phase. Even with a manual deployment, I get nowhere. I’ve never had this problem before. What could be the issue?

Hi @DavetheDev

I have experienced this issue a few times. Not entirely sure what the cause is. The solution I use is to cancel the deploy then trigger a new deploy.

I also have the same issue, I’ve been deploying my github repo 3 hours earlier without a problem and my latest update somehow got stuck at “Build ready to start” even cancelling and redeploying doesn’t make any changes.

I believe this is related to an ongoing incident:


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Somehow it’s working now

Yes, according to the incident, the builds are pending in a backlog. They’ll soon be in sync.

Update: It should be resolved. Do let us know if you’re still seeing issues.