Deployment from Codesandbox fails with JSONHTTPError: Unauthorized

After I claimed the netlify site from codesandbox, deployments now fail with an unauthorized error. Before claiming the site, the initial build deployed fine.

:heavy_check_mark: CDN requesting 11 files

  • Uploading 11 files
    › Warning: JSONHTTPError: Origin returned error code 401
    › Warning:
    › {
    › “name”: “JSONHTTPError”,
    › “status”: 401,
    › “json”: {
    › “code”: 401,
    › “message”: “Origin returned error code”
    › }
    › }

    JSONHTTPError: Unauthorized
    at parseResponse (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/netlify-cli/node_modules/netlify/src/methods/response.js:12:11)
    echo ‘Initial file upload deleted’
    Initial file upload deleted

Could you tell us what site this is for so we can take a look in the database at what might have happened? I think you may be intended not to deploy from codesandbox further once you claim a site, but not sure!