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Deployment failing - Unsure why

Hi, I have Vue.js project hosted on netlify before it was on its own domain and it worked.

However, now when I try and host on sub domain it’s failing to deploy.



Can someone help me please as I am stuck in terms of what’s messed up


Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out! I am sorry to hear you have encountered some obstacles with your deploy. The first two places you will want to turn are the following Support Guides:

Next, I would encourage you to look for some related threads on hosting subdomains. After a quick search, this is one I found that might be related: Hosting subdomain on netlify

Once you walk through the above resources and try the suggestions, please let us know if your deployment is successful or not. If you are still encountering issues we will need:

  1. Your most recent deploy log
  2. What steps you have tried since last posting
  3. Any additional resources you have referred to

Thank you!