Deployment error ("Page Not Found")

I deployed my repository from GitHub and there is an error (“Page Not Found”).
The repository includes public index.html file, so after some reding in the forums, I still can’t find the problem.
Site link:
Thank you!

Hi @dvoritK

If you have checked [Support Guide] I’ve deployed my site but I still see "Page not found” and are certain there is an index.html file, can you please share the build settings you are using from the Netlify UI, and the repository you are deploying from.

Build settings: Netlify App)
GitHub repository: GitHub - dvoritK/supermarket-list-app: React app

Thanks @dvoritK

I am unable to see your build settings. Can you provide a screenshot?

You need to provide build settings as the React App you are trying to deploy requires building. Check out the following documentation for more

As the project is in a subdirectory supermarket-list-app and not at the root of the repository, you will need to configure the Base directory

If you have further issues or questions, do not hesitate to reply.