Deploying stuck on "Site has not yet been deployed"

I made a project in react and the I built it, after that I uploaded it to netlify. On the production deploys section it says “Production uploading” and it goes on forever. I also have the message “Site has not yet been deployed” and it is stuck there. The netlify site name is:

I am also facing the same issue. Site Name:

Your site is working fine for me, I managed to fix my problem by adding an environment variable ( CI to false) in the deploy settings.

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My site is there but not updated.

Hey there, @ordance0208 :wave:

Glad you got your site working! Thanks for sharing the solution you used.

@avileshvl2010, I can load your site on my end. Please do follow up here with specific issues or error messages as well as a deploy if you are still encountering obstacles. If you are no longer facing issues, let us know!

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It’s still taking time. And when I click on uploading only it will be published ,otherwise stuck on uploading.
Thank you.

Which site is this about? Because the one that you shared above seems to be working.

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