Deploying static HTML fails after 2 years

I have a very limited personal site with the goal of having a one file website in the master branch. Today I made a change after 2 years of successful Netlify hosting to it that merged fine in GitHub but fails to deploy on my site. Given its such a simple project I’m confused if this is an issue with the Netlify build system? Searched the forums and didn’t see much in the way of one file website with failing builds.


hey patrick,

looking at your build log, it seems like the connection between your GitHub repo and the netlify system got borked up somehow. there may be some authentication situation that expired because you hadn’t pushed in a while is my guess.

try logging in to github, removing the authentication for netlify to deploy from the repo, then adding it back again. that should refresh things and you should see your build & deploy work better.

if not, let us know, and we might try something else.

thanks for your loyalty to netlify, also! you’ve been with us a while :smiley:

That worked thanks! Oh yes I’ve been a fan since the founders visited Realm. Keep up the great work!

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