Deploying Shopify App In Netlify But Not Working

hello, I have developed the Shopify app using the Shopify PHP app template,

after completing development, I tried to deploy the app on,

and deployment is done successfully.

from Netlify, Netlify access the App via GitHub repository.

i have Import App repository in Netlify

but when I run the Netlify domain it gives an error,

also I have added the Environment Variable in Netlify

In my local system, I run the app using the “npm run dev” command. It creates the Cloudflare tunnel, and I copy that tunnel and paste it to the browser and my app was run, but how to set up this kind of URL in Netlify?

Example :

strong textplease let me know what mistakes I do here. so that my App was not run?

@rushikesh I’m not sure what Shopify PHP app template you’re referring to, but if it requires runtime PHP hosting, then you won’t be able to host it on Netlify.


im using this Shopify App Template GitHub - Shopify/shopify-app-template-php
for shopify app template.

@rushikesh I’ve only taken a very quick look at it, but it mentions having a Vite/React based front-end and a PHP/Larvel back-end.

So you may be able to host the front-end on Netlify, but not the back-end, you would need to host that elsewhere and then if necessary you could leverage proxies.


here is my Build configuration, on the above image,
I don’t understand what should I need to enter in Publish directory field

@rushikesh I’m not sure either, as I’ve never worked with what you’ve chosen to work with.

Generally speaking Vite builds into a dist folder.

You should build the front-end of your project locally and see what it produces, if it produces a dist folder, then that’s likely what you want to deploy.

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@nathanmartin i found the solution,
i need to enter

Publish directory: web/frontend/dist

thanks for coming back and sharing your solution!

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