Deploying Rust Code on Netlify

Hello! I am trying to host a ToDo list web app on netlify. I have the stack as rust for backend, react.js for frontend and sqlite for the database.
The URL: Page Not Found (master–
I am trying to host my rust Backend code here, on Netlify. I did all the following things.

I also set an environment variable named “NETLIFY_EXPERIMENTAL_BUILD_RUST_SOURCE” to true.
I also created a file named rust-toolchain.
My build command: rustup toolchain install stable && cargo build --release

It was successfully built and deployed. When I click on the URL, it shows me a page not found error.
The error message: Page Not Found

Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site.
The build worked perfectly fine. Now, I wonder why this is shown. Is it because I have pure rust code, that adds to an sqlite db. or is it some real error?
Please help me as soon as possible! I need this really quick!

Have you checked out this example repo: netlify/rust-functions-example: Deploy Rust lambda functions on Netlify (