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Deploying process holds on for too long - why?

Dear netlify community,

Yesterday I’ve finished a project for a client and need to test the performance on mobile devices asap. Since yesterday 10:16PM the status is ‘site has not been deployed yet’. In the file i got a data section, with a pdf file which can be downloaded from the page… aside from that, I implemented some videos which I compromised to a lower file level (like from 70MB to 2MB).

The whole project got a file size of 455MB I guess. So what is the problem with the deploying process?

I need you guys help!!!

THX in the front.

Hey there, @julianwgit :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums! Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. Can you please send us the Netlify site you are describing, your most recent deploy log, and your package.json? This will help us look into the situation further.