Deploying new website, 301 redirect to another website instead

I have setup a DNS via Netlify more than an hour ago, and deployed a website. However I get a 301 that redirect to a third-party website.

Netlify Site Name:
Website URL

I have bought the domain through a third-party, and did setup the DNS NS fields, to etc.
I confirmed this is the case with DNS checker (cannot put the link as a new user sorry)
Also “Netlify DNS” is detected correctly.

In the Netlify UI I added the domain. I shows as “registered externally”.

I was able to activate Let’s Encrypt via Netlify as well “Your site has HTTPS enabled”

BUT somehow loading the page redirects (301, nginx) to

  1. Why is it redirecting to this other website?
  2. What can I do to have the same content from on the production url

Hi @nha :wave:t6: welcome to the forums! I encourage you to wait the full 48 hours as most of these issues resolve themselves in propagation. Can you reach back out if you are still having issues in 2 days?

Hello @SamO I do not mind waiting 48 hours. Thanks

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