Deploying my portfolio (troubles)

Hi everyone, I’m trying to deploy my portfolio, but nothing, it doesn’t work. I’ve been trying for three days. I read several solutions here, but again…nothing

hi @Azzurra, sorry you are having trouble. we need to have more information before we can help.

can you give us the information outlined here?

It’s the first time that I use Netlify, so I just drag and drop my portfolio folder, because it’s very easy. My portfolio is in HTML and CSS, I add one index.html, as I read here. My portfolio status is “deploy in progress” for days. Probably I’m not clear but I 'm not a web developer, sorry.

can you provide the site URL please?

it’s what I see when I drag a folder, in english is “a problem occurred while viewing the web page”

Drag and drop deploys do not generate any logs to help us debug problems like this, so we can’t tell what is happening with your deploy. However, there are some best practices that can help you be more successful, so please check out this post on Netlify Community, where we’ve summarized them all for you.