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Deploying a website without index.html

site name : https://romantic-tereshkova-8490f5.netlify.app

I’m trying to deploy this website but I’m getting a page not found error, I think its because of the file structure, it doesn’t have an index.html on the main folder

and the person that created this website made different pages for each device, desktop, tablet, and mobile

and each page of each device has an index

Any idea of how I can deploy this website?

Deploying different versions for mobile, desktop and tablet isn’t a good idea in the age of responsive designs, but if you still wanna do it, you can create an index.html in the ‘main folder’ of the website, use JavaScript to detect the device and then redirect accordingly. In any case, there has to be an index.html, it can even be blank (but it’ll have the redirection logic in JavaScript in your case).