Deployed this site about me page returning page not found error

PLEASE help us help you by writing a good post! Hi deployed this site Netlify App yesterday. index.html page works fine, but the about me page returns a page not found error. site works perfectly on vs code live server. please what could be the issue. my netlify site …

Hi @Gentlestan, thanks for posting.
If possible can you share the repository of your site for me to help with the debugging?

ok, thanks. here is it GitHub - Gentlestan/my-learning-journey

Hello @Gentlestan,

Kindly set the content of your vite.config.js to the code below.

import {defineConfig} from 'vite'

export default defineConfig({
  build: {
    rollupOptions: {
      input: {
        main: './index.html',
        about: './about.html',
        // ...
        // List all files you want in your build

Redeploy and let me know the outcome.


thanks Clarnx. you are the best

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You are welcome @Gentlestan. Happy to know the suggestions helped resolve your problem.