Deployed the site but still seeing blank screen

site is published but the screen is blank

@samre I presume it is the client that you are deploying to Netlify?

I do not believe the server that you have would run on Netlify.

Running the client locally (without the server), I see only a blank white page, the same as on Netlify.

Yes I noticed that too, am wondering what could it be?
What do you think?

@samre I haven’t looked in any detail, but my wild guess is that your application requires the server to be running?

As it’s not running on Netlify, it doesn’t work.

So you can simulate it by running only the client on your local machine, and not the server.

If you weren’t aware Netlify doesn’t provide a runtime “node server”, it’s deploying the result of your build to the CDN, and then you would provide additional “runtime” functionality via short lived Functions.

I don’t believe you can run a socket server though, so you might want to look at hosting the server portion of it somewhere else, like Heroku.

Yes, i am running the server on heroku.
There seem to be no errors in the console as well.

Excellent, if that’s the case, then provided the app itself works, I would expect it to work both locally and on Netlify, since all Netlify is doing is serving the files and it’s the client’s browser that is connecting to the server on Heroku.

I noticed that too, but you can put your own debug messages in at various points of the execution to try and gauge what is occurring.