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Deployed site - page not found

My website is working locally but when deployed to netlify, the /design page is not found. I have created a redirects file per instructions, but it is not fixing the issues


*netlify site name: react-portfolio-mso

Hi @markohanesian

Welcome to the Netlify community.

Am unable to view the repo you linked to. Is it public or private?

Thank you - I made the repo public; didn’t realize it was still private. Here’s the link https://github.com/markohanesian/react-portfolio-mso

In your public folder you have a file called _redirects.txt. As specified in the docs this file has no extension (i.e. _redirects).

However, you are redirecting design to itself

/design            /design

I see, I misunderstood that syntax and will make sure to change it - originally I was getting “page not found” when clicking on the /design page so I am not sure what to add to my redirects file to make that work

You want your redirects file to read

/home              /	200!
/design            /	200!

Deployed your code as a test https://upbeat-spence-c834df.netlify.app (site removed)

That fixed it! I appreciate the help so much, thank you!

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