Deploy to subdomain and branches to its subdomain

I want to use a subdomain of my domain for netlify instead of my naked domain. That is, say I own I want to use as the netlify deploy domain. Is this supported (From reference 2 below, I think it is)? In this case, how do I set branch subdomains, to look like (From ref 2, 3, I don’t think that’s how it works)? This would help me test a site at a subdomain safely and keep it off SEO.

Thank you!


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Hi @Siteme, subdomains are absolutely supported. You can get started here:

if you use the search, you’ll also see that a ton of people have asked about branch subdomains before too :slight_smile:

Oooff, my bad, didn’t notice the big ol’ magnifying glass there. Should’ve looked around better :man_facepalming:t4: sorry!

Edit: This feature would really help!

Thank you for you time!