Deploy to Netlify not cloning repo content

Hi, I just used this template to generate a new website and while the build worked fine, the code was never copied to the new GitHub repo. This made Netlify CMS break with the good ol’ “Branch Not Found” error.

I ended up solving it by manually fixing it by manually cloning the template repo and pushing it to the new one created by Netlify, and everything worked fine. I just wanted to post this here in case someone else googles it, or if you weren’t aware of this issue happening.


Hi, @FanaHOVA. Thanks for making this topic and letting us know about your experience with that repository.

I do want to point out for the sake of transparency that this is not an official Netlify repo.

The repo using a “Deploy to Netlify” button, but any repo can use those buttons. It is a public feature for any/all repositories and the button doesn’t mean the repo has been officially endorsed by Netlify.

You might want to report this to the owner of the repository directly (because we cannot update someone else’s repo).